Caramel and Red Velvet Cupcakes

The other day I was looking through Pinterest and Instagram and stumbled across a recipe for caramel sauce that look pretty interesting. But the thing with caramel sauce is people look at you funny if you just make the caramel sauce and start drinking it straight from the applicator. So I gave in to public opinion and decided to put the caramel sauce on something, after about 3 minutes of pondering I decide red velvet cupcakes.

Tray of iced cupcakes with caramel sauce

Red Velvet Cupcakes seemed to be the best fit for the caramel sauce, I find that caramel always needs another flavour to accompany it but butter cake doesn’t seem to do the job. I'm not saying butter cake and caramel isn’t tasty, it is more that the butter cake just doesn't have enough oomph to level out the caramel. Chocolate cake however packs a lot more punch and serves as a great compliment to the caramel sauce.

Tray of iced cupcakes

Making red velvet cupcakes uses the exact same cake mix but they are just portioned out into a cupcake tray. The one thing you will need to watch out for is the cupcakes drying out quicker as they have less mass and more surface area for the liquid content of the cupcakes to escape. If you find that your cupcakes get a little dry a quick squeeze of simple syrup may be able to save them if that are not too far gone.

Single iced cupcakes with caramel sauce

To finish off the cupcakes I popped on some creamcheese icing to make the cupcakes a little more interesting, then drizzled on the caramel sauce. I took the cupcakes into work and the response was very positive, but I might be hard pressed to find someone that doesnt like caramel and chocolate cake :).