About Me

Hello, my name is Bec but my friends and family know me as Saurie. The name comes from somewhat of an evolution, starting with Rebecca people began to call me Rebeccasaurus which then morphed into Beccasaurus, Saurus and finally shortening again to Saurie.

I live in Victoria, Australia with my husband and two little boys. My favourite thing to do is bake and decorate cakes, in all shapes and sizes from messy and fun kids birthday cakes to beautiful and elegant wedding cakes.

I began my cake journey with cupcakes, it was the perfect way to practice decorating and perfecting the mixing and baking of the cake itself. Starting with cupcakes was great because it didn’t really matter if you make a mistake, you haven’t ruined a large cake just a small one and there is another one to try again with. It also meant people were more inclined to try the cake, it is funny if you ask someone if they want a slice of cake they immediately think of their waistline. But you offer them a cupcake and they are right into it :).

The first cakes that I made worth talking about were two cakes for my sisters 25th birthday, they are twins so I made each of them their own cake. The first was a Tiffany’s cake, it was just a simple butter cake covered in fondant to look like a Tiffany’s jewellery box. The hardest part was matching the colour of the fondant to the Tiffany’s signature blue. The second cake was a Chanel leather clutch cake, it was a tasty chocolate cake again using fondant to get the leather look, the difficult part of this cake was getting the lines of the diamond pattern to be evenly spaced and parallel even when transitioning from the side to the top of the cake.

From there the cakes got more and more ambitious, with many tears and cakes in the bin. These days with the family it is very easy to put aside baking, but I wanted to maintain and improve on my skills. So to keep my goals in check and my development moving I decided to make this site. Showing off the cakes I make and the experiments I try. I hope you like what you see and come back to see more of my projects.