Lining a Cake Tin

There is nothing worse than when you spend your time mixing up the batter then wait for the cake to bake. Only to find that your cake is stuck in the tin, here is how you avoid tears and a cake tin flying across the room.

Step 1 - Trace the tin

Place the bottom of your cake tin onto a sheet of baking paper, take a pencil and trace around the base of the tin.

Remove the cake tin and cut out the shape using a pair of scissors ensuring to cut slighting inside the line, so that the baking paper will fit inside the tin.

Cake tin on baking paper

Step 2 - Spray the tin

Grease the inside of the tin using canola spray or butter.

Then place the baking paper that you cut out in the previous step into the bottom of he tin.

Cake tin and Canola spray

Step 3 - line the sides

Cut strips of baking paper slightly wider than the sides of you tin using scissors and then use them to line the sides of the cake tin.

Repeat this step until all sides are lined.

Lined cake tin