Better Butter Icing

Butter icing, well it is the icing on the cake. Perfect for decorating and piping.

Step 1 - Mix it

Place the Butter and Vanilla Essence into a mixing bowl and mix together for 2-3mins on a medium speed.

Once the Butter and Vanilla Essence are combined slowly add icing sugar half a cup at a time until all ingredients are combined.

If the icing is a little too thick, add the milk to the mixture a teaspoon at a time.

Mixing bowl with butter and icing sugar

Step 2 - Bag it

Assemble your piping bag and piping tip, for cupcakes I like a 1M-Open star tip. Fold opening of the piping bag about half way down and start to fill the bag.

Once all of the icing is in the piping bag pull the sides up and twist the end of the bag.

Squeeze all of the air out of the bag, you want to squeeze a little bit of icing out just in case there is still air inside.

If there is air side it will puff out and wreck your piping job.

Filled piping bag

Step 3 - Decorate

For piping cupcakes I find that the best way is to start from the outside and slowly work my way to the center and pull up at the end.

If it is your first time, don’t be nervous just keep a steady pace for each cake and if you make a mistake just scrape off the icing, put it back in the bag and start again.

Tray of iced cupcakes